San Diego Council of Divers Meeting Minutes Archives

2019 minutes are being prepared and will be avialable here soon:

Meeting Minutes of November 6th 2018 VP and Director of Outreach nominated and accepted.

Meeting Minutes of October 2nd 2018 Treasure hunt planning meeting discussed along with 3R's 2019 schedule.

Meeting Minutes of September 11th 2018 501c3 status discussed. 3R's based donations covered and various programs reviewed.

Meeting Minutes of May 1st 2018 3Rs Rash guards are almost done. More council sponsored activities discussed.

Meeting Minutes of April 3rd 2018 City Proclamation date given. Possible council activities discussed.

Meeting Minutes of March 6th 2018 3R's video was updated and added to the website. 3R's PowerPoint presentation was submitted to the clubs. City of San Diego agrees to a City Proclamation recognizing the SDCOD.

Meeting Minutes of October 17th 2017 Discussed multiple topics regarding the 3R's program for next season.

Meeting Minutes of August 8th 2017 Covered current legal proceedings regarding Children\'s Pool access.

Meeting Minutes of May 2nd 2017 Discussed 3R\'s marketing and equipment. Draft letter supporting Princess street access was accepted.

Meeting Minutes of April 11th 2017 Discussed a public access point at Princess Street in La Jolla. Covered multiple 3R's topics regarding the upcoming season.

Meeting Minutes of January 3rd 2017 Officers and Directors have been elected. Plans for the 3R's appreciation event have been made.

Meeting Minutes of November 9th 2016 Board meetingEnd of the year recap including financials and achievements. Nominations for were made for Officers and Directors along with the first meeting date of 2017 for elections.

Meeting Minutes of September 22nd 2016 Board meetingDiscussed fundraising ideas and raffle items that have been donated for future events. Covered other various outreach plans and introduced a new board member.

Meeting Minutes of August 8th 2016 Board meetingDiscussed the initial meetings with SeaWorld to create an outreach program for inner city children who have no experience with the beach. Covered various fundraising initiatives and put up a motion to change the last two meeting dates.

Meeting Minutes of June 21st 2016 Board meetingDiscussed the attendance of the City of San Diego Town Council meeting regarding the appeal of the court decision to remove the ban on Children\\\'s Pool. Covered various topics regarding 3R\\\'s participant t-shirts and possibly creating a meet-up group.

Meeting Minutes of April 13 2016 Board meetingCovered the status regarding the Casa Reef Project. Talked about the upcoming court vote regarding access to Children\\\'s Pool. Discussed ways to push for Corporate sponsorship\\\'s.

Meeting Minutes of February 18 2016 Board meeting Discussed how to create a program to bring aquatic education to inner-city kids. Appointed new Directors and discussed ideas regarding new partnerships.

Meeting Minutes of January 14 2016 Board meeting Discussed the La Jolla Shores map status. Treasurer possition has been transitioned.

Meeting Minutes of November 17 2015 Nick LeBeouf visited from the La Jolla Shores Association to cover details regarding the new La Jolla Shores map.

Meeting Minutes of October 20 2015 3R\\\'s service awards were presented to 3R\\\'s instructors for their dedication to the program and the new marketing video was presented.

Meeting Minutes of September 17 2015 Discussed the need for a Trauma Pack and AED for the 3R\\\'s. Revisions to the Children\\\'s Pool policy were presented.

Meeting Minutes of August 4 2015 Discussed the options for 3R\\\'s insurance for the next season and covered a wish list of items to improve safety at the 3R\\\'s events.

Meeting Minutes of March 25 2015 Covered the new 3R\\\'s schedule and information regarding insurance. Discussed setting up a new website and a Paypal donations button.

Meeting Minutes of January 5 2015 Discussed MPA enforcement and collaborating with organizations to monitor the effectiveness.

Meeting Minutes of October 22 2014 Thank you letters to be sent to clubs that produced donations for the 3R\\\'s. Updated several bylaws.

Meeting Minutes of August 28 2014 Discussed working with vendors and shops drawing on them for participation. Talked about beach cleanup efforts and working more on cleaning up South Casa beach.

Meeting Minutes of May 2014, Board meeting, new officers New officers introduced, teams formed. 3Rs successfully begun. Council to use shared Council/Club meetings for public meetings. MPA collaborative to inform divers of rules and repercussions of MPA no-touch standards.

Meeting Minutes of January 2014 Board meeting Agreed to hold quarterly board meetings and dual club/council general meetings in the fulure. 3Rs has good support. Bylaws need review. Children\\\'s Pool to be given less attention. 2014 action plan formed.Meeting Minutes of November 2013, with election of new officers New officers were elected, term starting January. Lifeguard tower at Children\\\'s Pool is removed, rebuild begun. Fish and Wildlife coming to Hilton 12/11 to present new lobster rules. Rules about pinnipeds in an MPA may be reviewed.


Meeting Minutes of February 2013Negotiating against fees to instruct at the Shores. The Shores MPA is being administered by special interest groups without diver input. No more bullhorns at the Children\\\'s Pool, just imminent closure. Lawsuit to prevent the Mayor from assuming the right to alter a Coastal Development permit on his own.

Meeting Minutes of February 2013Negotiating against fees to instruct at the Shores. The Shores MPA is being administered by special interest groups without diver input. No more bullhorns at the Children\\\'s Pool, just imminent closure. Lawsuit to prevent the Mayor from assuming the right to alter a Coastal Development permit on his own.


Meeting minutes of April 2011 Combined February and April meeting minutes. Game warden reports on the Lobster Cards. City closed stairs to South Casa in December on a repair permit that will take all summer. Gate to Goldfish Point chained shut with no notice. City intent posted to close the stairs at Childrens\\\' Pool annually instead of just a rope across the beach.

Meeting minutes of January 2011 Combined December and January meeting minutes. 3rs program will continue without City help. Measure to cordon off Children\\\'s Pool every day forever was unanimously rejected in public hearing before the Planning Commission.

Meeting minutes of November 2010 Review of Council programs. Counicil of Divers has a sales table permit for December for the sidewalk above Children\\\'s Pool. The other table permit was a pro-beach access group "Children\\\'s Pool Friends. Council is in line with City and Ranger policies of shared use with seal protection.

Meeting minutes of October 2010 Guest Speaker Doug Nielson, biologist from Fish and Game. Update on lobster cards, the research results and costs. Appeal of the City permit to cordon off Children\\\'s Pool Beach made by the La Jolla Community Planning Association. Requires a new public hearing to be scheduled in the future.

Meeting minutes of September 2010 Review of new City policy to enforce permit regulations for sales tables and signs on the sidewalk at Children\\\'s Pool, the success of a months long enterprise by the Council of Divers.

Meeting minutes of July 2010 Guest Speaker Randall Hawley, new City Park Ranger appointed to Children\\\'s Pool. Sets out his goals of shared use and with seal protection.

Meeting minutes of June 2010 Guest Speaker Unified Team Diving. Mapping under water caves in the Yucatan Peninsula. 
City Council emergency measure to rope off Children\\\'s Pool all year rejected by City Attorney. Council officers visit NOAA Long Beach about support of beach closure.

Meeting minutes of May 2010 Guest Speaker Rod Watkins of Scuba San Diego information on his federal court case against fees applied on a public beach. Special meeting of the City Council by Frye to introduce measures to rope off Children\\\'s Pool every day and legally close the beach December to May.

Meeting minutes of April 2010 Guest Speaker Alan Blake of DiveHeart. Council plan for Children�s Pool management presented in La Jolla as alternative to possible 5/17 City Council proposal to make entering Children\\\'s Pool in winter illegal.

Meeting minutes of Mar 2010 Guest Speaker Kathleen Stogsdall of IB Divers. Final Council plan for Children�s Pool management presented to City in time for presentation to Natural Resources and Culture Committee. Plan to make entering Children\\\'s Pool in winter illegal stopped.

Meeting minutes of Feb 2010 Member club delegates and presidents compose management plan for Children\\\'s Pool and other La Jolla Beaches, Council addresses Coastal commission in Oceanside over Children\\\'s Pool.

Meeting minutes of Jan 2010 Paul Kennerson honored, Member survey reviewed.

Meeting minutes of Dec 2009Free Beer and Pizza, Rope barrier at Children\\\'s Pool goes up illegally in face of standing appeal.

Meeting minutes of Nov 2009 MLPA semifinals, 2009 in review, input for 2010

Meeting Minutes of Oct 2009 Joe Exline updates us on MLPA; City gives itself a permit to rope off Children\\\'s Pool every half year forever, Membership cards ready.

Meeting Minutes of Sept 2009 The 3rs seasons review, Final 3 MLPA maps, Scattering Milt Beard\\\'s ashes on the Yukon, Children\\\'s Pool is lost.

Meeting Minutes of Aug 2009 3rs Hospital Point, 6 MLAP maps, Guest speaker on Humboldt Squid

Meeting Minutes of July 2009 3rs at Gold fish Point, Latest MLPA maps

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