About the San Diego Council of Divers

Mission Statement

The San Diego Council of Divers, Inc., shall be dedicated to education, safety, conservation, sportsmanship, ocean access, the preservation of wise legislation, and to the furthering of knowledge of marine phenomena.


The Council helps dive clubs work together for the betterment of San Diego diving. We are a forum for the exchange of information between dive clubs, and between divers and local, state, and federal agencies. We sponsor programs of interest to a broad range of divers. 

The Council cooperates with the legislative, safety, and conservation programs of the nation-wide Underwater Society of America and the state-wide Conference of California Councils. We assist divers organize new dive clubs.

The Council monitors government activity affecting diving. It has advocated for local divers with the City of San Diego Underwater Parks Advisory Committee, the San Diego City Council, the California Department of Fish and Game, the California Coastal Commission, the California Legislature.and San Diego Parks and Recreation.

The Council takes pride in the initiation of several safety programs. The Council sponsors Rocks, Rips, and Reefs. (3 Rs) program. The 3Rs is an in-water education and site orientation program for divers and snorkelers. 3R\\'s participants are briefed on the interaction of surf, swell, and tides on underwater rocks and reefs, then enter the water and tour popular dive sites with local instructors.

The Council is non-profit. All staff are volunteers. Donations to the Council do not qualify for IRS charitable deduction as the Council is organized as an IRC 501(c)(4).


Founded in 1951, the Council of Divers is a non-profit community service organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the marine environment, diver safety, education, conservation and wise legislation.

The origins of the Council date back to 1933 with the founding of the oldest dive club in the United States- the Bottom Scratchers. San Diego is known for its fine safety reputation and progressive approach to the field of recreational diving. Over 30 years ago, the Council organized to preserve this heritage and to be the voice for San Diego recreational divers. Today, decades after its initial organization, the Council continues to represent recreational divers at the local, state and national level. The Council has worked in conservation, sportsmanship, and to defeat legislation unfavorable to recreational diving and marine ecosystems.


President - Joel Tracey

Vice President - Ken Hunrichs

Treasurer - Tony Guerrero

Secretary - Chris Benton

Director - Mike Russel

Director - David Pierce

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