Join the San Diego Council of Divers

This page provides you with the application, pricing, and benefits of a San Diego Council of Divers' membership.

How to Join

If you are not a member of the San Diego Council of Divers, now is the time to join. $15 a year is all it takes to help support the Council ($25 single houshold), a non-profit organization dedicated to diving safety and education. There are three different ways that you can get your membership started.

  1. Click HERE to download an application to fill out and mail it with a check. Please find the mailing address at the bottom of the form.

  2. Click HERE to download an application to fill out and bring the application and dues to a meeting.

  3. Click HERE to pull up a new electronic application. Fill out the form on line, submit and pay with PayPal. (Costs you an extra buck) Select the appropriate membership, enter your name and email address in the box supplied below and select the Buy Now button. Please keep in mind we charge $1.00 extra on PayPal orders to cover the cost of the transaction.
  4. Membership Prices by Paypal ($1 added for Paypal)
    Name and email address

Benefits of Membership

Council meetings provide a forum for discussing and taking action on issues affecting the diving community. Membership enables you to help influence the Council's position on legislation and regulations affecting our sport. We support community wide diving events and activities. Member clubs represent every facet of recreational diving, including photography, hunting, scientific collecting, and sight-seeing.


Regular Membership: $15, for 2 at same address: $25
Life Membership: $500

For More Info

Email us at: including your name and phone number.

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