Snorkeling at Children's Pool with Seals

Taken with a Go-Pro palm unit wide angle camera

Click on Diving with harbor seals - Children' s Pool 3-8-2011Experiment in Hi Def. Seals play with a diver. Just love a tummy rub.

Click on Seal and SnorkelerHi Def. Just hanging out at Children's Pool. To see if a seal gets friendly.Click on Diving with harbor seals - Children' s Pool 2-14-New contribution in Hi Def. Seals including mother and pup play with a diver. Fun sound track.

Click on What do seals think of diversVideo shown to the Planning Comnission to help them decide to not rope off Chldren's Pool year roundClick on PIerce and FriendsA Council officer borrows the camera to see if a seal will approach. A visitor on the seawall films him from above.

Click on Getting to Know YouAs the seals become more sure a diver is passive, they become more bold and curious.

Click on Several SealsOf several curious seals, one hopes for one who really likes people. One like that can want to play all day.

Click on Upside DownThis has never been documented before. A frienldy seal will come in upside down. With canine or lupine animals, on the back is a submissive act, and exposing the throat is a peace gesture. You suppose?

Click on Clawing for AttentionThis has also never been documented before. A gentle clawing action. Nursing reflex? Bid for attention? Notes: Snorkeling done at high tide (recommended), last 4 videos taken in one 1/2 hour swim.
We hope somebody under good conditions with good equipment does much better.
This is very wide angle, so things are closer than they appear. Self portraits were are arm's length.

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